• Ryan Himes

Joe Biden Elected 46th U.S. President

Key state Pennsylvania called their vote count in favor of Joe Biden, providing him with enough electoral votes to be elected the United States President. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take office in January barring any legal action to invalidate the election results. It is highly likely the President Trump will take legal action to challenge the election results and push for the Supreme Court to rule on the election.

The economy will be particularly unstable due to COVID and the potential for a national stay-at-home order during the second wave. Virologists have warned about the colder weather bringing about a harsher wave of the virus and the United States is unprepared for a spike in cases. The political instability only deepens the wound as investors aren't sure which economy the world will become under the next 4 years.

The shameful truth is that the economy will likely be the same under Biden or Trump. The United States faces larger problems than the Presidency in terms of the economy. Human Rights have a lot to lose with this election, this is a turning point. The economy faces currency crisis, debt crisis, real estate crisis, climate crisis, and other smaller issues all at once. The next 10 years will likely be the most transformative in human history and the United States may miss out on opportunities for growth due to its political inefficiency and instability.

The economy won't be stable until after the virus is gone. Then once normalcy returns, we'll need to make significant adjustments to the economic system otherwise we could run into a number of different crises.