• Ryan Himes

OPINION: Biden Wins Debate, But The War Isn't Over

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The first Presidential debate between Trump and Biden overtook all local stations across the country last night, and it was unlike most other Presidential debates we've seen before. To start, the lack of audience applause, cheers, and boos was very noticeable. The audience agreed to be silent throughout the debate, and this highlighted the debate issues even further as the candidates did not have wait for breaks in applause to respond to one another. The silence allowed Trump to make far more underhanded, trollish remarks than usual.

The debate moderator on numerous occasions remanded the two candidates for talking over each other, especially since the agreed upon rules allowed each candidate 2 uninterrupted minutes to respond to questions before open discussions began. Trump's badgering during Biden's supposedly uninterrupted segments was obvious and he was repeatedly reprimanded by the moderator.

See Full Debate Here:

Biden may have won the debate, but he may have also significantly diminished his democratic base. A growing portion of the left is becoming more and more disappointed with the Democratic party's inability to make substantial change. Biden openly said he does not support The Green New Deal, which is a plan to reduce carbon emissions drastically and commit to stopping the negative effects of climate change.

Biden also made rather vague statements regarding police brutality rather than openly suggesting changes to laws regarding prosecuting police officers for crimes they commit on-duty.

These statements likely hurt his fanbase to an extent. It seems like he counted on Trump looking particularly childish and immature during the debate, and he was right. Unequivocally, Biden seemed like the better option all-around last night. Trump might be able to recover in the coming debates, but moderate conservatives are likely favoring Biden even more after last night.