• Ryan Himes

OPINION: How Did The United States Become So Divided?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The biggest concern among some is the possibility of a Civil War. A civil war may seem far off, yet when we look at the division among citizens on common issues, everything seems to be divided. And according to data scientists tracking the radicalization of the country's population, we're becoming more divided as the years go on.

The scary part isn't where we are now, rather our trajectory. We've been growing further and further divided, so much so that even basic issues become major disputes in which the two sides can't even fathom the other's thinking.

During the pandemic, this has become more evident than ever as the United States has shown to be a complete and total failure in fighting the virus. Most of the problems have been caused by the President and his spread of misinformation. Aside from the President, we still have a growing divide among our citizens. There are Americans who are adamant the virus is a hoax or inconsequential, and they still refuse to wear a mask or keep a social distance away from others.

Maybe the title of this post isn't accurate, maybe the question we should ask is: how can the United States change its current course? Because growing further divided will cause a civil war if it never ends, it's inevitable. So how do we end it? Personally, I have no idea. But I hope we can change our course without anyone being harmed.