• Ryan Himes

She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain When She Comes (Rona Edition)

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Oh boy, the CDC let the public know this weekend that the cold weather is expecting to bring about a new wave of virus infections sometime before Spring. The assumption was that the Winter months of January and February would bring about the harshest hitting virus numbers, but some experts believe that the wave is coming a few months ahead of schedule.

Viruses, particularly coronaviruses, are thought to spread easier in colder weather and bring out more severe symptoms as the temperatures drop. The same is expected to hold true for Sars-CoV-2 or COVID, and the delayed vaccine trials have only dampened the mood as a grim reality sets in: life won't be back to normal for a while.

It's no surprise that stocks fell today, it's a shitty day. Stimulus talks are being stalled by Congress, again. The virus cases keep ticking upward and the US government hasn't enacted any significant plan. But while today might seem shitty, it's actually the first day in a long time in which everything looked the way it should. The stock market is supposed to be doing poorly right now. Look outside! There's not a single business in the entire world that's thriving right now; if stocks go up when businesses aren't doing well, it's a bad thing. It means that we're using fake money to push the stocks up when they should be going down, and then us citizens have to live with increased taxes to pay it off for years and years after the fact.

What you should be doing, is keeping your money safe and locked away. Investing right now (during this pandemic-fueled recession) is like playing backyard football in the rain. If you make good moves at the right time, you'll look spectacular even if you don't do very well because the conditions around you are terrible. Yet due to these conditions you're more likely to slip up and injure yourself, so you're better off waiting for the rain to stop. It's so painfully easy to make bad investments during a recession, because people and governments stop being honest which means that markets become inaccurate.

You're better off waiting for the world to get vaccinated and let normalcy resume before you invest. The next 10 years after the pandemic will go down as the most transformative years in the history of western civilization. Be ready to invest your money in whichever way you expect the world to change.