• Ryan Himes

The Final Debate Indicates No Clear Winner

Updated: Aug 17

The final Presidential debate before the 2020 Presidential election took place last night, and the results indicate no clear winner. Joe Bid en leads Trump in the polls by about 7 points, as Trump appears to be closing the gap between them. Significant emphasis is being put on the economy by Donald Trump's campaign, as he has added it to his arsenal of debate topics. He claims the economy would crash under a Biden presidency, and from the bottom of my heart, this is just political nonsense. I have seen the economic plans of both candidates, and their analyses, and neither prevent nor cause a economic crash.

The debate topics covered a wide range last night, and when given the opportunity, Trump slammed Joe Biden about his son's business dealings in Ukraine and Russia. He mentioned the laptop that has become a hot topic for conservative talking heads. Then Trump stated that Biden had taken money from the Russian government during his Presidency, which is untrue. The goal appeared to be to throw as much garbage at Joe Biden and see what sticks. He tried everything he possibly could to make Biden look confused, slow, incompetent. And unfortunately, it worked.

Biden had moments where he looked Presidential; looking directly into the camera and using an authoritative voice commanding the United States to trust him. It was odd to see such behavior after 3 and a half years of watching this clown of a President. It looked great and sounded great while he made promises to the American people, but Trump repeatedly pointed out that it made him look like a corrupt politician who will talk the talk without walking the walk. And that was undoubtedly true.

I happen to believe that under Biden, not much will change. We won't see police reform, prison reform, homelessness reform, universal health care, universal basic income, or significant climate change regulation. It's not the path forward, it's a path sideways. And under Trump we saw a great stock market in 2018 and 2019, some of the best years on record. However, the state of our economy is not good. Even before COVID, macroeconomists predicted a recession at least the size of the 2008 financial crisis, not to mention jaw-dropping fertility rates and the nearly collapsed US dollar. The economy will likely crash very hard post-COVID regardless of who is President. We know that Trump cannot lead us through a crisis, particularly a financial one. And we can see this through the lack of stimulus that was passed during the 2020 summer during COVID.

The monetary and fiscal stimulus was terrible during COVID, it was mistimed and insignificant in most regards. It was better than nothing, but it would be the equivalent of calling a shit sandwich a sandwich. Like yes, there might be a bun on my plate, but there's still a piece of shit inside of it.