• Ryan Himes

Trump Armed With COVID Ammunition For Upcoming Debates

Updated: Aug 17

Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19 may have actually added fuel to the fire rather than douse him with humility (like we all expected). Rather it seems Trump will use this to his advantage and has already tweeted, "Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!"

How obtuse can a President be? Honestly, each time he opens his mouth I question how he was elected. Then I remember he won almost by sheer luck, besting his opponent with only 70,000 votes across three states, and ultimately losing the popular vote.

This disease has claimed the lives of over 200,000 Americans. And since his administration continues their flawless plan of doing fucking nothing, by the time most people read this over 250,000 will have died. It's shocking to watch the man who oversees the world's largest economy blatantly downplay the virus. The virus has no natural immunity and a death rate of about 1%, without significant action we could watch over 3 million Americans die from this one disease, but "don't be afraid."

Many Americans actively wished for the President to die from the disease. I can assure you that I wasn't one of them; I don't want anyone to die from this disease. I do, however, want this President to be voted out in the next election, and I would like to see the United States undergo significant change. We've thoroughly proved that we are no longer the greatest country in the world, and our President has completely divided our nation.

Since the President has recovered, he's scheduled his own Town Hall debate and will likely flaunt his supposed dominance over the virus. I imagine he'll even call the people who died from it "weak", if he hasn't already. He'll continue to ridicule Biden for wearing a mask, and unfortunately it may swing him enough votes to remain in power for another 4 years. But without a vaccine, and Trump's currency policies remaining in place, I can guarantee the death of over 1 million Americans from this virus. I wish it weren't true, but numbers don't lie.