• Ryan Himes

US Daily Coronavirus Cases Top 88,500, a Record High

The Wall Street Journal reported that the daily new Coronavirus cases within the US just hit a new record high, topping 88,500 cases in just one day. The total cases in the US is rapidly approaching 9 million.

"The more than 88,500 cases newly reported on Thursday bring the total reported to some 8.95 million," Adam Martin, WSJ. The new record is one thing, but the intensity of the spread is equal parts remarkable and frightening.

The new 7-day moving averages for new positive cases is far greater than the 14-day moving average. The moving averages crosses each other on Oct. 5th, indicating the trend had shifted from decreasing to increasing spread. And yet with this disturbing indicator of an incoming onslaught from a second wave of the virus, we still have no significant national plan to slow the spread. The President has shown incredible contempt when talking about the virus which led to his supporters blatantly disregarding safety guidelines. And our Congress has been painfully slow to act as stimulus talks from August are still stalled and it is almost November.

It's embarrassing to watch, frankly. It's a shame, I feel betrayed in a sense. Because my entire life I've been told that this is the greatest country in the world, only to sit here on the world's display to be humiliated. We have the most cases and deaths by far, surpassing countries that our own President publicly called "shithole countries". Our people don't even believe its existence, meanwhile countries with a fraction of our resources can protect their people efficiently. And it's not one person's fault, the President can take a lot of the blame but it's not just him. Look at how slowly our Congress acts, during a worldwide emergency we still can't get aid and it has been months.

The system is the root of the problem here. A two party system with divided houses is a flawed system. It takes incredibly long for us to create laws, which causes serious problems because we can't act effectively in a time of crisis, like this one. And we end up looking like a laughing stock in front of the entire world.

The truth is that we wasted a lot of money on propping up the economy instead of fighting the virus. Capitalists will tell you they don't want government welfare, well they got trillions of dollars worth of it when the markets collapsed in March and they're still being propped up now. The money we spent on our economy needed to be spent on equipment and infrastructure for fighting the virus and ensuring our food/water supply. We're about to slam into the second wave of this virus face first and it is 100% the fault of poor leadership.